About me (Do I really write at 4 a.m.? Oh yes, I do.)

Dreamer? I’m gonna go with no… How about the opposite? The non-dreamer? Non-sleeper? Chronically yelled at for turning on the lights in the middle of the night? All of them, yes.

Some call it “insomnia crap”, while I prefer the term “stream of consciousness”. You see, never being able to sleep at the usual hour taught an astronomy loving, writing addicted creep like me to actually do something useful while lying awake in bed half the night. What comes across my mind at such times mostly revolves around my everyday life – a messy desk, a camera, a laptop, piles of books-textbooks-notebooks, existential philosophy, and a map of the night sky, just in case I haven’t had enough chaos. The thing is, I love chaos. Although it doesn’t seem to be too fond of me.

I’m not organized. I try to be. I hate yoga. I keep the radio on during the night. And I greet every new day with enthusiasm… Well, at least the first ten minutes of it. Welcome to my blog!


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