The Purpose

You’ll probably want to know why I started a blog.

Or you probably won’t. Especially since you currently don’t exist, as I have zero followers. Well, gotta start somewhere, right?

And I started! Now if you’d give me a little confidence boost, that would be great. Here’s why you should.

Why do I write? Because I love writing. I love the strategy behind the words. I love the way they flow through my head to merge into sentences. I love the variety of possibilities – the blast of freedom.

Why do I write a blog? Because I have opinions to share – about society, youth, money, education, science, art, yes, even about writing itself. About how things work, how they don’t work, how they should or might work. About – things.

Why should you read what I write? Because I want your opinion. I want to discuss things with you; I want to know what you think about my writing, ideas, views and beliefs. Anything is welcome, from a fiery debate to a friendly chat, as long as people have something to say.

I may not always take a stand in my posts. I may not always write a stand-related post. My only stand may sometimes be that I like the steak I’ve had for dinner. But my blog is about my life, so I suppose that if the steak’s the highlight of my day, then that’s what you’ll get. However, if that happens, be sure I’ll make it the best damn steak-related post you’ll ever read.

P.S. Speaking of steaks, I’m aware that my writing can be a bit hard to chew sometimes. I’m trying to work on a reader-friendly language, but the change is a slow and painful process, so any writers out there with words of advice, reach out and touch me!


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